First Round of Exams

It is almost the time of the semester for the first set of midterm exams. Not all classes have midterm exams and some only have one; however, most classes have two midterm exams and a final. Most classes do not required a lot of work until you being studying for midterms, so my workload may double for the next couple of weeks as I prepare for them. Up to this point I’ve only have had occasional homework assignments and one computer program to write. Beginning mid next week, I’ll have 3 or 4 exams over a period of 2 weeks or so. Ideally, I will start studying this week so I will have less to do next week, but that is easier said than done.

Exam time is a very stressful time for many people. They have a hard time transitioning from having a smaller work load to having to study every night along with the usual amount of homework. The people who are constantly reading their textbooks and keeping up with the material are the people who do not need to worry come exam time. These people are a small minority however. To prepare for exams some people like to go to the library or random rooms on campus for long periods of time. Others, like myself, prefer to study in shorter intervals in their rooms. This strategy is probably not nearly as effective as going to the library; however, I am a person who likes to take breaks to refresh my mind.

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