FIN 125-Introduction to Finance

Introduction to Finance was one of the classes I was looking forward to this semester. I was always curious to what the class and subject would actually be like (I had a similar curiosity about accounting). After having the class for three weeks, I can say there are a lot of numbers and formulas. The content is actually very easy, but there is a lot of stuff to memorize such as formulas and certain functions for our financial calculators. I find FIN 125 very similar to ECO 45-Statistical Methods. While the content is completely different, the class gives off a similar vibe. FIN 125 feels like a class where I can not go to class, study exam questions before the test (the professor provides “x-problems” which are previous exam questions), and still perform well. This is what happened to me in ECO 45, though this is usually not recommended… The major difference between FIN 125 and ECO 45 is that the content of FIN 125 is a lot more interesting, which I am very grateful for. Just the fact that the content keeps me awake and engaged means I actually a decent reason to attend the class (there are random attendance checks to so I would have to go regardless.). Ultimately, my opinion on FIN 125 is positive.


About ludaniel17

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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