There are a variety of classes at Lehigh that study or work with circuits. The first one is Engineering 10, which you do many projects with Arduinos in. Arduinos are easily programmable devices that can perform a vast quantity of tasks. In this class we had them control motor speeds, turn on lights at different times, as well as other things. The final projects included controlling the temperature inside a box and pumping water into a tank. To do these projects you had to design circuits on the Arduino circuit board.

The next classes that you see circuits in are Physics 2 and ECE 81 (Introduction to Electrical Engineering). Physics 2 is Electricity and Magnetism and deals with the theory of circuits and as well as circuit design in the lab. You do not go much in depth in the study of circuits in this class, but you do learn a lot about electricity in general. In ECE 81, all you do is learn about circuit theory. You learn about voltage, current, resistance, impedance, amplifiers, bode plots, etc. In this class you learn how to find different values given certain parts of the circuit. This class is taken first semester sophomore year by all electrical and computer engineers.

The class that is taken following ECE 81 is ECE 123, which is entirely about circuits. It is known as one of the most difficult electrical and computer engineering classes because it starts discussing circuits in depth. This class gets more in depth with amplifiers and transistors. The lab for this class is also very helpful for learning how to design and implement circuits.

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