Senior Project Presentation

I had mentioned last semester I was working on my senior project along with my friend. Fall semester of senior year, all computer science students in the Engineering school must take CSE-379 Senior Project course. Each student must pair up with another and select a project proposed by faculty members or think of an idea all their own. I made several posts last semester about my friend and I’s project which was a real-time mobile safety app for Lehigh students. However, I never posted about the Posterboard Presentation at the end of the semester.
It was similar to a science fair layout where you stand near your poasterboard and wait to be judged. External judges from companies came to see each team’s project and demo and provide feedback. The grades given by the judges were worth 40% of our overall grade for the course, so it was extremely important to have a finished project, great posterboard, and a careful, well thought out demo highlighting your project and all its key features.
My friend and I had everything covered and we really impressed the judges with our work. Many of them loved our idea to begin with, but when we demoed our app they only became more enthusiastic about it.
Although my friend and I were optimistic about winning, we placed 3rd  which we were still very proud of. The top two projects were very well deserving. It was a fun experience and we received great feedback as well as advice if we decided to continue with it, which we are. We hope to have our first stable version of the app released to the Google Play Store later this semester!

Below you can see our project posterboard!


-Ryan ’15


About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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