CSE 241 Project

In CSE 241, we are assigned a project early into the semester. The project is due in late April, but we are advised to start as soon as possible (this being early February). Today in class, our professor went over some of the details of the project. Essentially, we are required to create a database for an enterprise. The type of enterprises we are to design are retailers such as a department store, discount store, supermarket or convenience store. We can choose a real one or make up a fictional one. The database we are required to design needs to be able to track inventory at different locations and things like transactions. We are also required to design a simple interface for the database for ease of usage. The professor provided checkpoints for us to meet so that we can have some sort of timeline for the project. Besides the three checkpoints assigned, we are basically on our own. I hear from people who have taken this class that the key to doing well on the project is working on it early. Those who save it for later will find that this project is not like other assignments that you can essentially bs close to the due date. I will keep this in mind and start working asap.


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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