ACCT 152-Introduction to Managerial Accounting

In previous posts months ago, I complained greatly about my ACCT 151 class Introduction to Financial Accounting. This semester, ACCT 152 is doing a complete 180 for me. The professor for my ACCT 152 class, Professor Manzo, is outstanding. I made sure to include him in my schedule for this semester because I only heard positive things about him from my peers. He is one of my top professors for this semester. I am not sure of the class content itself is better than ACCT 151’s, but Manzo does a great job in teaching us the material thoroughly and in an engaging fashion. On most days, he will split up the class in different pairs so that we can all meet someone different everyday. Learning in this fashion is something I have never done before, and at first I was no 100% okay with it. Now, I am pretty used to it and fairly enjoy working with different people every class. One thing I heard about the class is that there is usually never a curve. I take this as a good thing because it means that his students are well prepared and that the tests are probably fair. Last semester, his exam averages were about 20 points higher than my classes (not saying that I did poorly!). Honestly, I would rather take a fair test with no curve instead of an impossible test that will be curved. Extremely difficult tests are just stressful even if you know for sure it will be curve a lot.


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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