ECE 121

ECE 121 (Electronic Circuits Laboratory) is a 2 credit lab required for all electrical and computer engineering students in their sophomore year. The lab is taken with ECE 123, which is a circuits class that is known for being very difficult. For ECE 121 we meet twice a week, once for a lecture period and once for the lab period. Although I have only had two labs so far in this class, I feel like I’ve learned more than all of the Physics 1 & 2 labs. With these labs, you quickly learn how to use the equipment and what everything means. It fits in very well with ECE 123 and is taught in a very useful way.

In the lab we design circuits and take different measurements using equipment such as oscilloscopes. We also design theoretical circuits on computers using programs such as Cadence and PSpice. There are thousands of resistors, capacitors, etc. in the lab that you can choose from if you are not told a specific one to use. I also like that we do not have to write lab reports in this class, we just have to do the lab and record our data. I feel like everything we do in this lab has a purpose, which I did not really see in the Physics 1 & 2 labs.

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