AP Credits

In my opinion, you should accept any AP credits you received in high school when coming to college. Some people decide not to accept their credits because they do not feel comfortable skipping an intro class and going right into a more advanced class. Although this may be accurate, I feel that you will just need to work a little bit harder than if you took the intro class. The benefits of coming in with AP credits are numerous.

  1. You can decide to take less credits in your first few semesters if you come in with AP credits. This will allow you to spend more time on the classes that you are taking or give you more free time to be involved in clubs or organizations. By doing this, you will most likely have a higher GPA and a more enjoyable semester.
  2. You can take classes that you want to take and not just classes that you need to take. This is the approach that I decided to take with the 20 AP credits I came in with. I still take 17-19 credits each semester and get to take many classes that I am interested in even if they do not really pertain to my major. This is a good opportunity to pursue a minor or two. This semester as a sophomore computer engineering major, there are only 5 credits that I am required to take this semester and I am taking 13 credits that I just want to take because I am ahead.
  3. You can try to graduate early or study abroad. These have never been things that I have been interested in because I want to be at Lehigh for all 8 semesters, but other people really want to do one of these things. You can still study abroad if you don’t come in with credits, but it probably is not as easy to do.
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