Class of 2013 Post Graduation

Recently, I was looking at the class 2013’s First Destination Report; I was curious to see where students from Lehigh University wound up and what their salaries were like. The first thing that I noted while looking at the career section was that the top 3 employers for 2013 were all part of the Big Four. E&Y and PwC both hired about 25 students while KPMG hired 13 students (Deloitte hired 4 students). There are about 1200 students per academic year. According to the FDR for the class of 2013, 66% of the class was employed. That means out of roughly 800 students, about 10% went to the Big Four; this is a considerable amount considering also that most of these students are also business students. Although the Big Four are commonly known for auditing, they also host vast advisory services. That means, all these students going to the Big Four don’t necessarily have to be accounting majors (a lot of them are probably finance, economics, or CSB). Another thing I noticed that applies less to me is that many RCEAS and CAS graduations attend graduate school. This could be a result of higher qualifications/knowledge needed for certain professions, such as medicine and some advanced engineering fields.

Here is a link to the FDR: 2014FDR


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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