Scholarship Dinners

I am a brother of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity at Lehigh, and every semester we have a scholarship dinner with Kappa Alpha Theta and one of Lehigh’s professors. We first go to a room on campus where we recognize some of the outstanding students in our organizations and then the professor will talk about something that they find interesting. Following we will go back to our house on the hill and eat dinner. This past semester our scholarship dinner was with Professor William Haller who is an entrepreneur and a professor in the electrical and computer engineering department here at Lehigh.

Professor Haller is currently my ECE 123 (Electronic Circuits) professor which is required for all electrical and computer engineering majors. Professor Haller talked about entrepreneurship and how it can apply to all disciplines. Before that day I have never talked with Professor Haller, but at the dinner I got to meet him and make a connection with him that I did not with any of my other professors that I only see in class. I find it interesting to talk with a professor or faculty member on a more personal basis rather than just about class work. This semester we will most likely choose a professor from either the business school or arts and sciences to give other people the chance to meet a professor in the field or similar field that they are studying.

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