CSE 241- Databases and Systems and Applications

In CSE 241, we are currently learning how to use SQL (some people pronounce it sequel). SQL is very strange to me as I have only learned Java so far. SQL does not really feel like a programming language to me. I do not seem to actually be creating anything; rather it seems like I am just performing tasks related to the databases. I guess that is why it is called a query language. Right now, SQL does not seem difficult, but I assume there will be a difficulty spike in the future. If I recall correctly, the syllabus mentioned that we would have to implement a SQL database into Java code; this sounds like quite a challenge. I think that it is important that I get a lot out of this class. Databases are used pretty much in every business to keep track of things like employees, products, transactions, and much more. You can get a job just be being proficient in database implementation (I believe database administrator is a job). I have attached an example of something we were doing early in semester.



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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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