Quick Spring Class Review

After the first week of classes, I got a sense of what each class will be like and here is my review for my Spring semester classes at Lehigh.

CSE 264 – Web Apps: I am taking this class as an elective. This class is all about creating website and web apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and so on. Our first assignment was create access log files for a MiniServer that the professor gave us.

CSE 202 – Computer Organization and Architecture: This class is suppose to be a hard class but you learn a lot. From the first two lecture which dealt with low level computer system, it is clear this will definitely be a challenging class for me this semester.

CSE 216 – Software Engineering: In this class, we are split into different team consisting of 5-6 people to work on a semester long project. However we have not got the project so I do not know what we are going to do yet.

CSE 261 – Discrete Math: This class is more about logic and math combined. The first week consisted of logical expression and propositions.

BUS 127 –Information Analysis and Financial Decision Making II: This is one of my class part of my business minor program that I am in. We start talking about finance in business and there are more interesting topics to look forward during the semester. 


About lunur16

I am undergraduate student at Lehigh University. I am from Allentown, Pennsylvania. My intended major is Computer Engineering and possibly a minor in Business.
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