Changing Majors

I am currently a second semester sophomore and just made the decision to switch majors from electrical to computer engineering. Luckily, the two majors have followed the same path up to this point for classes. I decided to make the switch because I realized that I like programming much more than I like circuits. I only changed one class with the switch and now there are only 5 credits that I have to take this semester. I came in with 20 credits and have taken 17-19 each semester so I have finished my mathematics requirements and some of the computer science and social science requirements. This allowed for a great deal of freedom in my schedule this semester and has allowed me to try to pursue a minor in cognitive science. I am currently taking one electrical/computer engineering course, three computer science courses, and a cognitive science course. The electrical/computer engineering course is the only one I am required to take this semester (with a lab). All of the other four courses I just wanted to take.

I have been considering for a little while to switch to computer engineering. Originally I was going to do electrical engineering with a minor in computer science, but I now realize that I like programming so much more than circuits that it made sense to switch. I could have waited until next year to make this decision to switch because the paths that they follow are extremely similar. As a computer engineering major, I still have to take some classes on circuits but there are much less, and there are more programming classes which I am interested in.

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