Artificial Intelligence

This semester I decided to take CSE 327 (Artificial Intelligence Theory and Practice) because I had free elective credits. This class has many seniors in it who are computer science majors and I am only a sophomore in computer engineering, but I am excited for the challenge. I have had an interest in artificial intelligence for a while now and am considering working in the field of robotics in the future. Some of the majors topics of this course are agents, searching, planning, knowledge representation, uncertainty, and machine learning. The course only requires that you have some pretty basic programming experience as we will not need to write programs in this class. It is more of a general course on artificial intelligence rather than a hands-on course.

This course counts towards a minor in Cognitive Science which is the study of learning for both living things and computers. I am also taking Introduction to Cognitive Science which deals with many of the same topics discussed in this course. I believe the combination of these two courses will help me decide if I still want to pursue working in the field of robotics. In future semesters I will be able to take more advanced courses and hopefully get some hands-on experience with artificial intelligence.

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