Last semester was by far my most difficult one here at Lehigh. Not only were my courses difficult, but I had the stress and concern of finding a job for once I graduate. The job search took me all over; from Boston to Orlando, along with many other stops up and down the East coast! During the month of October, I missed numerous classes as I was driving or flying to a job interview site every other day it seemed. The stress was monumental.

Fortunately, towards the end of October I received quite a few offers from several companies, which was the most satisfying feeling. It was as if all my hard work over the years culminated into a few sheets of paper offering me full-time employment. Once that burden was lifted, I was finally able to focus solely on my classes and finishing out the semester.

Most rewarding is I received an offer from my top company of interest! Ultimately, I accepted an offer of employment with Lockheed Martin, the top contractor by the U.S. government, as a software engineer. I decided to hold off on posting about this until I got through the long and tedious pre-employment process, but as of last week I have been cleared and my start date was finalized! I will have a follow-up post about the interview process as advice for anyone looking at Lockheed for jobs or internships.

As today is the first day of classes for the new semester, knowing I have a job waiting for me after graduation has given me new life it feels. I am no longer stressed about searching and applying for jobs, and I can just concentrate on classes and finishing out my final semester here at Lehigh!

-Ryan ’15


About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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