Cyber Monday (and Black Friday)

Seeing how my last post was on my accounting group project, I thought that writing about this would be fitting. A lot of companies began to promote their discounts even before Cyber Monday and Black Friday began. You would normally think that starting discounts early would bolster sales, but this was not the case. Customers were not pressured to buy things because of the fact that the discounts came early. Usually, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will result in a ton of impulse buying because customers think “Oh! This is a good deal I should get it before it is gone.” With the early release of discounts, customers could be more careful and would usually result in a realization that they did not really need the items. Of course, this is bad for certain companies, because they usually perform most of their sales in Q4 where major sales take place. I will admit to this same thing; I normally go out and buy things on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but this year I was not really pressured to buy anything (that and my empty wallet).


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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