Tic-Tac Amplifier

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Club (IEEE) had a build project last week where we built a mini tic-tac amplifier. The amplifier fit inside of a tic tac box and was suppose to double of the volume of earphones coming from your phone/mp3 player when used. Here is a photo of the circuit and parts and then a photo of the finished project:



Unfortunately my project as well as many other did not work at all in the end; however, a few other students were somewhat successful where the volume was about doubled, but the quality of the sound was much worse. At some point I plan on trying to fix the mini amplifier I built. This was pretty much the first time I did a project like this so it was a great learning experience. I really liked how it wasn’t for a class so I did not have to worry about my project not being successful. Because I am not even a full semester into electrical engineering classes, I did not know what everything on the circuit meant so I needed help from some of the older members of the club. Although I wish the project turned out successful, it was still a great learning experience for me.

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