Senior Design Update

My senior design project this semester has been going great. Again, my partner and I are doing a real time mobile safety app for students here at Lehigh. We’ve collected a bunch of crime log data and stored it in our database. The mobile app will take all this data and render it into a heat map, so a student can visually see which areas are the most dangerous. In addition to that, each location where a crime occurred has a geofence surrounding it (radius is determined by degree of crime) and an alert in the form of a push notification will be sent to a user’s phone alerting them they are in a dangerous area. The final step to our project is creating a route generator. This has shown to be difficult to do as we are not sure how to implement Dijkstra’s Algorithm on Google maps, so that is what the last month of the semester will be spent on.

Below is a photo I took in class of another group presenting a demo of their project. Their project is KinectForKids where they use a Kinect with fun games to help autistic children. It was pretty cool. On the left you see the student holding his hand up and on the screen the Kinect picks it up and allows him to move about the screen.



About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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