Humanities/Social Science Requirement

All engineering majors have a similar Humanities/Social Science requirement. Each department might have specific classes you need to take but in general the requirements are: English 1&2, Economics 1, and at least 13 additional credits. These 13 additional credits have to cover at least 4 credits of both humanities and social sciences. In addition you are required to take at least one 100 level class in an area where you have taken the intro class. Many people decide to go for a minor in an area that they are interested in since they are required to take credits already. Personally, I am considering going for a cognitive science minor since some of the classes are cognitive psychology (social science) classes and other are computer science classes that I am already taking. These requirements can be covered in areas such as economics, history, philosophy, psychology, theatre, etc. Computer engineering and computer science majors are required to take a class called Computers, the Internet, and Society which is a social science class that deals with how technology is changing the world. Electrical engineering majors are not restricted with any of the additional credits.

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