2nd Semester Sophomore Schedule

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 3.08.03 PM

It is the time in the year to begin thinking about what classes to take for next semester. As of right now this is the schedule I plan on taking. Typically, a sophomore who is an electrical engineering major would take ECE 121, 123, and 126 like I am, but they would also take Math 205 and ECO 1 (Linear Methods and Economics 1). I already have taken these classes so I decided to take some computer science classes. I plan on getting a minor in computer science so these classes will help me get that. ECE 138 is a lab that electrical and computer engineers typically take in their junior year. Because I am ahead in math and humanities requirements, I can take this class next semester. ECE 121 and 123 are  Electronic Circuits with lab. It is the second level class on circuit analysis. ECE 126 is Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices which only electrical engineers are required to take. CSE 262 is Programming Languages which teaches you the fundamentals of a variety of languages. CSE 327 is a class on Artificial Intelligence which is not required for any major but is a class I am taking because I am interested in the topic. This is the first semester where I have had a lot of freedom in choosing my schedule because I have finished my mathematics requirements early.

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