Spring 2015 Registration

Registration for the spring is approaching, and it is ideal to be as prepared for the process as you can be. The first thing you should do is talk to your adviser about what would be the ideal classes to take. For some majors/programs, you need to take certain classes at certain times, or you will be unable to graduate.

After you find out what classes you need to take, you can start forming your schedule. Making a good schedule is can be crucial to your success here at Lehigh University. It is important to research which professors are best at teaching your courses. Ideally, you want a schedule that can fit all your classes and has the best professors teaching the classes. A lot of times you will need to make sacrifices such as taking the ungodly 7:55 am classes in order to get the best professor. Also, timing is very important for some people; some people are inherently morning people and others cannot function properly too early in the day. The best tool you can use to make the perfect schedule is Myedu.com ‘s schedule planner (just google myedu). The website will show you the available time slots for courses and the teachers that teach the course.

Once you make your schedule, you are good to go until your registration date. Make sure you know what your standing is because there might be a possibility that you are of a higher standing than you think you are. For example, next semester I will be a sophomore in my spring semester, but I will have the academic standing of a junior because of the amount of credit I have. This combined with the fact that I get an extra 15 minute head start from being in the CSB program means that I should have no problem getting any class I want.

Lastly, make sure you have back up classes because there is a possibility that something will go wrong and you will not be able to get the classes you want. If this happens you do not want to be wasting time whining, but you want to try and get your backup choices and possibly fix the problem later.


About ludaniel17

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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