Computer Science Homework

In the classes I have taken, homework for computer science classes have been very different from other classes. Instead of being assigned a few problems to solve and turn in every class or every other class, you are given a program to write and are given 5-10 days typically. These homework are submitted online and then graded by a teaching assistant and returned through email. The email has your program with comments on the errors you made. It is a great way to easily see all of the mistakes you made throughout your program and how to fix them. Because the computer science homework assignments take longer than most other homework assignments, there are much less of them. In my experience I have been given about 10 a semester which is fairly easy to manage. One of the issues is that because you re given so much time to complete the assignment, you often put it off until the last day or two and it is much more difficult to make your program work properly if you run into an error. Personally, I like to have my textbook right next to me while I am writing the programs because I often run into situations where I forget the correct syntax. Sometimes I have to use Google to find something out and in the few instances where neither of those helped, I went to office hours for the class and asked my professor or teaching assistant. For all of the homework assignments that I have done, we used Dr. Java to write, compile, and test the programs.

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