Complex Numbers and Electrical Engineering

As an electrical engineering major at Lehigh, I have to take Math 208 (Complex Analysis). This course pretty much covers algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus again but with using complex numbers. I took this course last semester to get it out of the way and I did not really understand why I had to take it. This semester I am in ECE 81 which is the Introduction to Electrical Engineering class at Lehigh. We are roughly half way through the semester and we have already started using some of the concepts and techniques that I learned in Math 208. Complex numbers are often useful in solving circuits with inductors and capacitors. Since we are using these things in the introduction class, I am sure we will be using them much more in more advanced electrical engineering classes. I am probably one of the few people in my grade who have already taken Math 208 so it is a good feeling to know I am ahead and it should give me an advantage in the class. It also is a good feeling to know that the things I learned in Math 208 are not going to waste, as I initialize thought they would.

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