Class Participation

Class participation is not something everyone wants to be involved in. For some classes, participation is required so most people will make an active effort to participate for the sake of their grade. In other classes, participation is merely optional. Just because participation is option doesn’t mean that you should avoid participating. Answering questions when a teacher asks for an answer can help the class move a bit quicker. I have had classes where the professor would ask a question and no one would bother to answer because they didn’t know the question or just didn’t care. The professor would look around hoping that someone would answer, but no one would. These moments make the class drag longer than it should. The professors that are used to this sort of dilemma will just call on students to answer. When professors call on students, the eye shifting away from the professor’s is something to laugh at (I do it too if I don’t know the answer). I believe that the main reason why students do not actively participate is that they do not want to embarrass themselves in front of their teacher and peers. Answering the question incorrectly can be embarrassing for some students. Professors, however, love when students participate even if their answers are wrong. As long as the student is not cocky or just plain unlikable, the professor will usually favor those who participate. Next time the professor asks a question and you know the answer, you should raise your hand.


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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