Study Groups

In my opinion forming study groups is one of the biggest factors in getting good grades in classes. Since the beginning of freshman year I tried to find a group of people who were in my classes who I could check homework/study with. I think they are extremely helpful because if you ever do not know how to do something even after using the textbook and internet, you can ask them and they will often know the answer. If none of you know the answer, often times putting your ideas together can lead to the answer. These groups are also good for reminding you when homework is due and when/where the exams are. For freshman and sophomore year there are hundreds of people in all of your classes so its easy to find friends to study with, and by the time junior and senior year come around, you should know most people in your major/classes. If you are a person who gets distracted around other people, this may not work as well for you as it does for me, because you may not be able to focus on the material with others around. So far study groups have been a big factor in my success at Lehigh.

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