The Cognitive Science Minor

I posted an article on Friday about my thoughts on Artificial Intelligence(AI) and its merits. I am personally planning on shaping my major as AI-oriented. This is a follow-up post about how I am going about undertaking this field of study. Rather than relying on a hodgepodge of courses, I am also pursuing a minor in Cognitive Science, in which I can pick courses pertaining to AI to shape my minor. Here are the highlights that helped me organize my course choices.


Cogsci Minor

Core Courses:

Core Courses

Artificial Intelligence Track:

AI Courses

Pursuing this minor for me is not just for show. Just the catalog itself drastically improved my view of Artificial Intelligence in that it narrowed down the potential knowledge I should pursue(through course descriptions) and courses I should be taking.  Cognitive Science is overall a good lens though which to look at Artificial Intelligence. Through Cognitive Science I can understand human neuroscience first before diving into intelligent agents to integrate two seemingly different fields.

Of course, Cognitive Science has more to it than just Artificial Intelligence. One may also be interested in pursuing one of the other branches: Language, Culture and Meaning, or Cognition and Neuroscience. Here is a link to the full undergraduate CogSci catalog:

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