Many of the classes at Lehigh have recitations to go along with lectures. Recitations take place in smaller classrooms with usually about 20 students and a teaching assistant or professor. Some classes have one recitation per week and others have two. Most of them are meant for reviewing the material covered in the previous week, but some cover new material. Recitations are a good place to ask questions instead of lectures where there may be 100-200 people. Recitations are also used to pass back exams, homework, or other course material. For my introduction to electrical engineering class, we have recitation once a week with our professor. He usually covers a little bit of old material and a little bit of new material in recitation. My introduction to computer engineering class also has recitation once a week but this time it is with a teaching assistant and we only cover old material. Physics 2 has two recitations per week where we go over the homework that was due the previous night. My other two classes, statistics and a computer science class, do not have recitations so everything is given back during lectures (these lectures are a little bit smaller than the other three classes). Some recitations are required and others are not, it depends on the professor for the class. The thing I like most about recitation is it helps me better understand the material from the lectures that I may have been a little confused about.

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