Exam Grading (CSE 2)

One of my duties as a teaching assistant for CSE 2, Fundamentals of Programming, is grading exams. The night of the same day the exam is administered, all the TAs gather to grade the exams. The entire grading process take about 4 hours, though the final is estimated to take up to 5 hours. The tests are split up among the TAs and, each TA is responsible for grading the entire test. We grade each question at a time and progress slowly but surely. The most difficult question to grade is usually the program that the students are required to write. Because there is so much room for interpretation (and error), grading this question takes the longest. When all the questions are graded, we total the points and write the final grade. After the grading is completed, we organize the tests alphabetically. After the organizing, we are done. Having taken this class last semester, I know understand both the grader’s and student’s perspectives of the exams. The grading process was tough, but the fact that there was pizza made it a bit easier. I will have to go through this process 3 more times this semester since CSE 2 has an extra exam in addition to the standard 3.


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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