Physics 22 – Capacitors



For our second lab in Physics 22 (electricity and magnetism), we analyzed capacitors. A capacitor consists of two metal sheets or plates separated by an insulator. We used two capacitors and compared the voltages across them when they were in series and when they were in parallel. With the help of the lab instructor if needed, we had to create the circuits described in the lab manual. The bottom picture shows one of the circuits we created in this lab. Initially we used a program called Capstone which graphs the voltage drop over time. Later on we used an oscilloscope and an oscillator to observe the voltages of the circuits. The first picture below shows the oscilloscope. This was my first time working with any of these tools so it was pretty interesting. I also liked to actually see some of the things we’ve talked about in both physics 21 and introduction to electrical engineering instead of just diagrams on a piece of paper.



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