Beginning Computer Science

If you do not come to Lehigh with credits for computer science classes, your first experience with programming will be in Engineering 10 or CSE 2. Engineering 10 is a class on Matlab programming and working with arduinos. This is a fairly straightforward language and all of the grades for the class depend on if you complete the assignments at any point during the semester. Usually you will go into class, they will give a brief lecture on some of the coding you will be using, then you will have 3 assignments to complete. If you do not get them done by the end of class, you can finish them at any point throughout the semester and show it to the T.A or professor. There are three final projects with arduinos at the end of the year. This is a two credit class that meets twice a week.

CSE 2 is the introduction to Java class at Lehigh. If you come in with high school credits most likely this is the class you will skip. It covers the basics of java like loop and arrays. It does not get into working with objects until the next java class CSE 17. CSE 2 is also a two credit class meeting three days a week (two lectures and one lab). There is occasional homework to write other programs outside of the lab. Most of the programs are fairly short, and the programs on the exam are really short. I am currently an electrical engineer and I took CSE 2 even though it is not required because I heard it is still very useful for electrical engineers to understand the basics of programming.

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