Math 231

Math 231 is Statistics and Probability and is required by all electrical and computer engineering majors, computer science majors, most (if not all) business majors, as well as others. It is a more challenging statistics class compared to the introduction to statistics class here. The class is only three credits so it has lectures three days a week and no recitation. Typically, engineers take this course in their junior year after completing Calculus 1,2,&3 and Linear Methods, however I completed those courses in high school and freshman year so I am currently taking this class as a sophomore. In my opinion, this class is fairly easy for the engineers who are good at math, and is probably more challenging for the business students who have to take it who may not be as good at math. Over the first two weeks, most of the material covered was review from previous math classes in high school. We covered the basics topics like mean, median and mode, etc. and then moved on to some a little more advanced topics. Currently we have shifted into probability which also was a little bit of a review of what I learned in high school. Calculus 2 is a prerequisite for this course because some basic integration techniques are used in this course. I assume that we will soon get into more challenging topics, but so far the class has been pretty easy for me. There is written homework due roughly once a week which is good practice for the exams. Computer engineering and computer science majors only have to take this class, Calculus 1,2,&3, and Linear Methods to satisfy their mathematics requirements. Electrical engineering majors have to take these as well as Complex Variables.

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