First Round of Midterms

It is the time in the semester that the first set of midterm exams begin. I currently have five exams over a one week period which is very different than last year. First semester freshman year I only had two exams at a time, and second semester I only had 3-4. Now as a sophomore, all of my classes (5) have exams and they all occur at roughly the same time. I have completed my first three exams (with 2 being on the same day) and I have one for each of the next two days. The first three have went fairly well although I had to study for longer than would have liked because I have not been keeping up throughout the semester.

Many Lehigh students, myself included, tend to not take classes seriously until exam time. Then you end up spending most of your day studying for exams while also managing the homework you get in your other classes. It becomes a struggle. My advice for you: keep up with the workload in all of your classes so you do not have to cram come exam time. Many class have optional homework that you feel like you do not have to do…but if you want exam week to not be stressful, then you should be doing this homework. It is also good to read the chapters in the textbook that cover the material you go over in class. During the beginning of the semester this seems silly to do, but come exam week you’ll wish you were reading the book and doing optional problems. I hope I learn from my mistake of not doing these things earlier in the semester, although I will not make any promises.

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