Physics 21

Physics 21 is a physics course on electricity and magnetism and is a 4 credit course with a 1 credit lab. There are two lectures and two recitations per week along with a lab. Up to this point in the semester we have discussed charges, electrical fields, capacitance, voltages, circuits, energy, power, magnetic fields, as well as much more. Calculus 1 and 2 are prerequisites for this class because derivation, integration, as well as other calculus techniques are used in this course. A formula sheet is given out for every exam which has many, but not all of the equations you may need to solve the problems. This may sound like the exams will be easy, but just because you have the equations in front of you, does not mean you know how to use them. So far this class has been more difficult than Physics 11 (Mechanics) which I took last year. Concepts from Physics 11 have reappeared in this course. I believe in the future we will also be covering optics in this course. Physics 21 is required for all engineers as well as some other majors, but many students come in with high school credits for this course as well as Physics 11. All of the homework has been online Mastering Physics homework and the weekly quizzes have been very similar to the homework questions. As an electrical engineering major, some of the material in this course has overlapped with my other classes which has been very helpful.

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