Study Locations

It’s exam week, that means tons of studying to do. For most people, the location in which they study is a very important factor in their study productivity. After a year at Lehigh, I have a decent understanding of popular study spots, and why they are so popular.

The first location is the library, which most people associate with long hours of studying. Here at Lehigh, we have two libraries, Fairchild Martindale Library (lovingly known as FML by students) and Linderman Library. Linderman Library is the older and more picturesque library. Some students like to study there just for the atmosphere alone. There are numerous study areas and alcoves on the floors of Linderman. Also, in the underground floor, there is a small cafe called Lucy’s Cafe. Many students like to study there because it is quaint and gives them access to their beloved coffee. FML is more modern and offers functions similar to Linderman. There are many study areas and easy access to computers. If I were to choose one of the libraries to study at, I would choose FML because I prefer a more modern environment, and it is also much closer to where I live.


Linderman Library

If you don’t study at the library, you probably study in your room or somewhere in your dorm. Some people prefer studying in a private area where they are more comfortable and situated. In your room, you have access to your own computer and study materials. If you want to study in groups you can study in an unoccupied lounge. Most students I know prefer to study in this sort of manner. Personally, I also prefer to study in my room because that is what works best for me.

Of course, different places work for different people; you just need to find what fits best for you.



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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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