ECE 33

ECE 33 is the principles of computer engineering course at Lehigh. It is required by all electrical and computer engineering majors and I believe additionally all computer science majors. The course covers the Intel 8085 microprocessor and assembly programming which is a low level computer language. So far this year we have discussed the architecture of the 8085 microprocessor and the functions of its seven data registers. The understanding of this allows to create code in assembly language which is needed to make a computer function. This language is very different from high level languages like Java and C++, but so far I have somewhat seen how they can perform the same task.

Up to this point in the course we have learned how to move data among the registers and how to make changes to it that will help us perform our task. Initially we had to learn how to use binary, octal, and hexadecimal numbers as they are the backbone of assembly programming. The computer understands binary and the assembler translates the assembly code into machine code which is basically binary. We have not yet been assigned a programming assignment; however, we have just about learned everything we need in order to create a functioning program. I soon expect to be given assignment that are similar to the assignments I have been given in Java classes, but these assignments will be more basic because often several lines of assembly code will be equivalent to one line of java code. I find it interesting comparing the similarities and differences between the two languages and look forward to the rest of the semester.

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