Here at Lehigh University, we have our infamous 4 o’clocks. These grueling exams are scheduled within a two week frame and occur at 4 o’clock, as the name clearly implies. Most classes will have two 4 o’clocks and then a final at the end. However, some professors prefer to hold exams during their class times. These professors will usually schedule their exams to match the 4 o’clocks schedule.

Studying for exams varies from student to student. Some students prefer to prepare weeks in advance, while others will study days or a single day before. The advantage of studying over a long period of time is that you can study a little everyday. This method also helps you retain the knowledge over a longer period of time. Studying the day before is similar to a quick fix. You might be able to get a good grade, but you might not retain the knowledge in the future. Personally, I do a combination of both; I study a little bit everyday (through homework and reading the text) and cram the day before. I am usually successful with this method, but like I said, studying varies from person to person. As for finals, you will have to study for those unless you want a poor grade…


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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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