Struggling with a Program

I am currently in CSE 17 which is a second level computer science class on Java. This past week we were assigned our first larger programming assignment and for me, it was extremely difficult. This program was pretty much my first time working with objects (although Java is an object oriented language we did not get into objects last semester in CSE 2). The program was roughly 200 lines of code which probably is not much to an experienced programmer, but for me it was the longest program I have ever written. The program was designed to organize 15 wireless cell phone plans from cheapest to most expensive based on your wireless usage for the past 6 months. I really liked how the program we were assigned to create could have real world applications if slightly modified. I was kind of surprised that the program took me over six hours to write, because last semester I had very few issues completing the assignments and almost all of them took me under an hour. At first I didn’t really know what to do. Then I decided to have a friend better explain to me the way objects worked and I used google to help explain some of the smaller issues I was having. It was extremely frustrating but now that its over I will say I am glad to have a much better understanding of working with objects.

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