Working on Group Projects

Regardless of one’s major, every student here at Lehigh University will find himself/herself working with other students in some sort of group assignment. Success in these projects is up to your initiative.

Depending on your teacher, you will find yourself assigned a group or given the choice of selecting your own group. When assigned a group, you will find that you may or may not know the other students in your group. In the occasion that no one know each other, you should take charge and try to get everyone acquainted because you will be working with this group for the duration of your project. You should then try to establish some guidelines with your group such as meeting times and locations. If someone has a conflict, the group should try to work around it. Proper interactions and responsibility in group projects will ultimately result in a successful endeavor. The same practices apply to groups that you choose yourself. Usually, a self chosen group will contain several students who know each other. When working with friends or acquaintances, it is easy to lose focus. The project can go extremely well or poorly depending on your groups level of focus. Therefore, you should try to handle the project on a professional level rather than a personal level.

Learning to succeed in a group environment will also help you succeed in a working environment. Most jobs will require group interaction and organisation. Therefore, it is always best to view group projects as an opportunity to practice for the real world.

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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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