Senior Year!

Well it’s finally here. Senior year. It has been difficult letting it sit in these first 3 weeks, knowing that in 8 months I will be graduating and starting my career.

I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.. I need to make sure I get through these darn classes first. My schedule this semester is quite the gauntlet. You can see it below:


CSE-265 is System Network and Administration. The course covers all the roles and responsibilities a system administrator has. We have weekly labs where we act as the system administrator for a Linux OS on our own removable hard drive. It’s been pretty interesting so far, being I don’t work in a Linux environment that frequently.

CSE-318 is Introduction into Theory of Computation. There’s no need to explain this course. Title says it all and it is not fun.

CSE-303 is Operating Systems. This course along with CSE-265 have been going hand-in-hand so far. By that I mean the material presented so far has been identical in regards to the intricacies of a computer and the endless possibilities you can do. I’m expecting this course to be the most difficult one, and so far it is already shaping up to be that.

MATH-231 is Probability and Statistics. It’s a helpful class especially if you decide to go through difficult interview processes at top companies since a lot of interviewers ask statistics questions.

And finally, CSE-379 is my SENIOR PROJECT! As a requirement for all Computer Science majors, you need to take this capstone course. There was a list of projects proposed by professors that you and another partner could pick from, or you could come up with your own project; which is what my partner and I did. My friend and I will be working on our’s together. We’re both very excited about it and I will definitely have a follow-up post about it.

-Ryan ’15

About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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