Coding the Future Community at Lehigh

This year I am living in a new community housing at Lehigh called Coding the Future. It is in Warren Square B. This community was created for Computer Science related major for students interested in learning more about coding outside the classroom experience. The gryphon and the students in the house will collaborate together on different projects to give back to the Lehigh community and Bethlehem local community. We already have several projects in mind for this semester. Some of them including making apps and websites. Currently, we are working on a book exchange app for Lehigh students to sell/buy used books. In additions to projects, we have people come over to give talks about different field of their expertise related to Computer Science. So I am really excited to see what we can accomplish and learn this year!


About lunur16

I am undergraduate student at Lehigh University. I am from Allentown, Pennsylvania. My intended major is Computer Engineering and possibly a minor in Business.
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