Sophomore Fall Semester Schedule


Above is my fall semester sophomore schedule. This is just an example of what an Electrical/Computer Engineering student’s schedule may look like. I am taking 19 credits which is more than most students would take because I wanted to get ahead in classes. I will give a quick rundown of what these classes are.

ECE 81 is Introduction to Electrical Engineering which both Electrical and Computer Engineering majors are required to take. So far in the course we have been learning about electrical circuits and how to find voltages, currents, and power given a particular circuit. Unfortunately, the class is only offered at 8 A.M. however it is taught by one of Lehigh’s best professors, Professor Best. He is by far the most energetic professor I have had and it is the first time I have had an 8 A.M. class. We have one recitation a week for this class to review what we learned the previous week in lecture.

ECE 33 is Introduction to Computer Engineering which is also required for all Electrical and Computer Engineering majors. We have learned about binary, octal, and hexadecimal numbers so far and we began learning about Assembly programming. Assembly is a low level language, unlike Java or C++, that is closer to how computers actually understand what you are typing. There is also a recitation once a week for this class to review the lecture material from the previous week.

MATH 231 is Probability and Statistics which is another class that is required for Electrical and Computer Engineering majors. This class is typically taken junior year, but I have already satisfied my other 5 math requirements so I decided to take it this semester. So far we have just reviewed topics that I learned in high school and it has been extremely easy so far. I expect the course difficulty to pick up soon as we begin to learn material I have not encountered before. There is no recitation for this course.

CSE 17 is a second level course on Java programming. Last semester I took CSE 2 which was an Introduction to Java course. I expect this course to be more difficult than last year’s because we already began learning many topics that I did not learn before. If you already have knowledge of Java, we recently began talking about objects, since Java is an object-oriented language. We use Dr. Java to write and compile our programs with. About once a week we have programs due to be graded.

PHY 21/22 is Physics 2 with a lab once a week. All engineers are required to take Physics 2 with the lab. There are two recitations per week and two lectures. Physics 2 covers Electricity and Magnetism which I did not learn anything about in high school. So far we have only talked about electrical charges and fields which will be important if I continue to want to be an Electrical Engineer. The labs so far have been on voltage drops and resistance which I have learned about in ECE 81 too.

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