ECO 45-Statistical Methods

The other business class I have to take besides ACCT 151 is ECO 45 which is equally bad if not worse. Statistical Methods is a statistics class tailored specifically for business students. As a Computer Science and Business student, I had the choice of taking ECO 45 or MATH 231 which is a statistics class more oriented towards math majors. Most CSB students choose ECO 45 because it is said to be much easier than MATH 231. Hopefully, I made the right choice.

My professor is by no means a bad teacher. Although he is young, he has taught the class for over 5 years. He knows the material well and does his best to convey it. However, the material that he is trying to teach us is somniferous. So far in the first 3 weeks, we have learned how to calculate the mean, mode, and median. We learned this stuff in middle school. I may be exaggerating how easy the class is, but in all seriousness, the material is not interesting. A student can probably skip class and read the textbook and still do well in the class. Of course, this is never a good idea, but I’m just relating my thoughts on the class.

A typical day starts out with the professor greeting us then diving right into teaching. He usually relates the material with a real life application. He then does another example. He then does another example. He then does another example. Somehow, in the lull of lecture, an hour elapses and class is over. This class is a magical class that always casts a spell of slumber on me. Maybe when the material gets interesting, I will finally break the spell of slumber.


About ludaniel17

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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