Sophomore Fall Semester-Computer Science and Business

I’m excited to be back at Lehigh. Freshman year was a time for me to explore and discover what exactly I wanted to do here at Lehigh. I started my first semester here as an undeclared business student in the College of Business and Economics. While I enjoyed business, I also wanted to be working in a technical field. Second semester I transferred into the CSB (Computer Science and Business) program because I was interested in both business and computers. I am now starting my sophomore year as a CSB student and believe this program will work wonders for me. The following is a description of the courses I am taking this semester.

EES 028 (Conservation and Biodiversity)-As a CSB student, I am required to take 12 credits of a natural science to fulfill general requirements. Most CSB students take some form of EES (Earth and Environmental Science) because it is generally considered easier than some of the other sciences such as physics or chemistry. In this class we discuss various topics such as conservation of species, evolution, biodiversity, and genetics. The professor is very passionate about his field of work and makes for an enjoyable class.

EES 022 (Exploring Earth)-Along with EES 028, I am required to take a lab. The lab meets once a week for 3 hours. In the first lab, we measured various trees on the Lehigh campus and later compiled and worked with the data. The later labs will involve modelling different ecological processes and discussing their impact on our planet. I cannot say I love this class, but I believe it will be okay.

CSE 17 (Programming and Data Structures)-This is the only CSE class I am taking this semester. This class is essentially a continuation of CSE 2 and uses the same book. The course catalog description: “Algorithmic design and implementation in a high level, object-oriented language such as JAVA. Classes, subclasses, recursion, searching, sorting, linked lists, trees, stacks, queues.” basically lists out what to expect from the class over the semester.

ACCT 151 (Introduction to Financial Accounting)-Now to the business aspect. Accounting is basically exactly how it sounds: boring and tedious. That being said, it’s not necessarily a hard class, but there is a lot of busy work. The big question is whether or not the tests will be difficult. I do not have high expectations of this class given that my professor is a first year professor and not very easy to understand (straight out of grad school from Hong Kong).

ECO 45 (Statistical Methods)-This is the only class that puts me to a state of semi-consciousness. I never fall asleep in classes, but this class may be the first one. The atmosphere of my classroom as well as the dull content is the perfect combination for sleepy eyes and jerky head-bobs. I do not believe the class will be difficult, but I will likely end up learning most of the material out of class.

MATH 205 (Linear Methods)-This class is the last required math class for CSB students. Hallelujah. I hear that Linear Methods is not really a hard class and has a fairly decent average (in the B range). The content is fairly engaging, which is usually the case with most math classes. I believe that as long as I make a good effort on the homework, that the class will go fairly well.

This is a link to my schedule on MyEdu:


About ludaniel17

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I am in the Computer Science and Business Program.
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