Class Review – Junior Fall Semester

Its exciting to be a junior here at Lehigh because you have a sense that you are halfway there from graduating. I am excited about my junior year because now I will be taking classes that are deeper into my major. So here is my insight of the classes I am taking now.

CSE 262 – Programming Languages : This class is all about what it titles says. Currently, we are discussing a broad overview of the different programming language and comparing their usage in industry. Last week lecture was on how programming has similar grammar and syntax which is the foundation for any language. I would say this class is probably one of the difficult classes I am taking based on the material that will be covered.

CSE 252 – Computer, Society, and the Internet : From the name of the class, you guess this is an ethics course. Its a ethics course discussing the issue in today society with the advance in technology. We look at what is ethical and unethical for company and its employee and it can impact the society as a whole. I would rate this class as one of the easier CSE class I am taking for far.

MATH 231 – Probability and Statistics : Again, the name says it all about the class. This is the last math course that I am required to take as a Computer Science major. I would say this a hard course because they are brunch of formulas you have to memorize and it gets tricky when you are working with a lots of data.

BUS 125 – Introduction to Management : This is one of two class I am taking for the business minor requirement which is 14 credit. In this course, we talk about how companies are manage internally and what makes a good manager and so forth. I would say this an easy going course.

BUS 126 – Iformation Analysis and Financial Decision Making I : This is the other business course I am taking as part of the class required for the business minor. So far in this course, we have talked about the cash flow within a business. This class seems a little difficult because I am not familiar with business terminology. 

ASIA 097 – Asian Studies : I am taking this class as a humanities requirement. The course is about architecture and technology from ancient China and how it has evolve into modern society. I would say this is an easy class because they are only couple of papers to write and a final.


About lunur16

I am undergraduate student at Lehigh University. I am from Allentown, Pennsylvania. My intended major is Computer Engineering and possibly a minor in Business.
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