Make Up Work With the Snowday

The last week we’ve had two snowdays! This is something I never experienced back home because we usually had many snowplows readily available if there was a big snowfall. It was a great time not having to go to class, but it also through me out of the swing of things. Today, I had my only MWF class of the week. We received make up work and labs, but surprisingly it wasn’t too bad. With all the days we missed because of the snow, I was already able to get most of my work done. Hopefully I get back to the efficiency I was able to work at before the snowdays.

-Eric Stahl


About lueric16

Hello everyone! I'm a first year engineering student at Lehigh; I'm also a varsity athlete (cross-country). I have many interests that span from online gaming to hiking mountains. I've solo'd an airplane and I'm an Eagle scout. I'm very excited for this upcoming year of school and this is my blog to keep you informed on how it all goes.
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