3 Tips Makes Your Life Easier as an Electrical Engineering Student

1. Highlight Your Homework 

    Problem: Most of the homework are handwritten. Professors usually just put a pile of homework at the end of the class to hand back our homework. As a result, everyone in the class is picking homework at the same time. It is time consuming to find your paper in a pile, especially when you have another class in 10 minutes. 

     Solution: I started to highlight my corner cover page of my homework (as shown in the picture below). When it is time to find my homework, I can just look for the pink corner instead of flipping through everyone’s paper and find my name. 


2. In Lab, Use Your Wire Wisely

Problem: Constructing circuits are fun, but it is taking forever for people to debug. 


This is one circuit I did last semester. This circuit is taking forever to debug. 

Solution: I started to use the Arduino wire (shown below). This is from the toolkit I had to purchase when I was taking Engineering 97. Those wires have better quality than the wires provided in the lab. 

I always use grey for grounding, orange for rails and source supplies, yellow for connecting a chip within itself or to a component, red for connection across two chips, and green for the output. As a result, I can check wiring color by color when I debug. Image


3. Save For Files 

Problem: When I was taking ECE83 with Prof. Best, he uploaded awesome notes on Course Site. I lost the hard copy when I moved to another dorm. Now I am a junior, all the files in the Course Site when I was a freshmen were gone. I had to ask lower classmate who is taking Prof. Best’s course. 

Solution: Once Professor upload a file on Course Site. Whether it is homework, homework solution, or class note, always put that to your computer. Don’t just get into Course Site download the file when you need the file. I kept all my course documents since sophmore year. It is really beneficial when I need reference for older material. 


–Eva Chen’15




About lueva15

Hi, everyone. This is Eva Chen from Integrated Business and Engineering Program studying Electrical Engineering at Lehigh. This is my third year, and I am excited to share my Lehigh experience with you.
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