Software Engineering

In a post last week I explained the project my group and I will be working on this semester for CSE-216. The name of our software project is FoodPal.

We have our 2nd Group Report due this week and for this report we were responsible for constructing the Domain Model for our software and System Sequence Diagrams for specific use cases.

A Domain Model is a sort of visual dictionary. It displays the conceptual classes in UML diagrams with associations and attributes of each. It is basically a snapshot of our software.

A System Sequence Diagram shows the events that occur for a particular scenario of a use case. A simpler way to put it is it visually shows one path or way in which a software will be interacted with or used.

Below are our preliminary Domain Model and System Sequence Diagram for our Main Success Scenario (the scenario that would be most frequent and main goal for software)







About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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