ECE 138 – Lab # 3

Yesterday, I completed one of the more interesting lab so far here at Lehigh. In ECE 138 which is Digital System Laboratory, me and my partner were working on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array implementation to deign combinational and sequential circuit. The first part of the lab was implementation of minimal function of Boolean Algebra. We built the schematic on a program called Xilinx and then programmed the Boolean expression on it and then download it into Spartan 3 Starter Board. The second part of the lab was to implement a synchronous machine using J-K Flip Flops from present state transition table. First, we had to use K-Maps to analyze and reduce it into Boolean expression and then do the same process of design it with Xilinx as we did in the first part of the lab.

41 2 3


About lunur16

I am undergraduate student at Lehigh University. I am from Allentown, Pennsylvania. My intended major is Computer Engineering and possibly a minor in Business.
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