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In CSE-216, I had mentioned the class was broken into several small groups and each group was responsible for thinking of a medium to large scale software project to work on all semester long. Well, tomorrow, my group of six will be presenting our first group report to the rest of the course on what our project will be.

For our software engineering project, our group has decided to create a new type of restaurant reservation system. How many times have you and your friends gone to a restaurant only to find out there is a wait time of 30 minutes to an hour? Most times than not (at least in my experiences), a different location to eat is usually chosen. This scenario has detrimental effects for all involved; the restaurant loses out on business and the party of customers don’t get to eat at their desired choice.

So, our solution is to create a web application that is driven through a database comprised of registered restaurants. The website will have a list of all (registered) restaurants and the estimated wait-time for a table at each one. Through this online application, a customer would be able to select a restaurant and reserve a table for a specific time, if available, or add themselves and their party to the wait list if there is a wait-time. This will give the party more notice of a wait-time and select a more appropriate time to arrive. However, that’s not all the application can do. The user will also be able to place their order through it as well. That way, few minutes after sitting down, their food arrives. This speeds up their time spent at the restaurant, allowing for more customers thus more business for the restaurant. The customer will have to pay for a portion of the order when they make the reservation as a form of insurance they will show.

There are many other features our project hopes to include, but that is a little “taste” of it. Our group hopes to work out all the kinks and get working on this project as soon as possible. But this is just the inception phase so only a preliminary foundation has been made. I’ll be sure to keep the blog updated on our project throughout the semester.

-Ryan ’15


About luryan15

I am a senior Computer Science major at Lehigh University.
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