ECE 121- Lab 2

Hello all!

Two weeks into the semester and things feel like they’re moving pretty quickly. I’ve started my first major specific lab in ECE 121. This week we designed two types of filters (filter out certain frequencies). The design of a filter is very basic, but the analysis of its properties can be complex. Below is a design of a low pass filter (filters high frequencies) and a high pass filter (filters low frequencies).

Low Pass Filter:


High Pass Filter:


During the lab, we applied a voltage source of varying frequencies to see the effects of these filters. Sure enough, the two circuits filtered out the values they were suppose to. It was quiet evident in the graphs as shown below.

Frequency Response Low Pass Filter:


Frequency Response High Pass Filter:

As you can see, the two filters have very different outcomes and we saw this in our lab. Lab can be long, but it’s very interesting and you learn a lot. This course definitely helps you with your first hands on approach in electrical engineering.



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Hello everyone! I'm a first year engineering student at Lehigh; I'm also a varsity athlete (cross-country). I have many interests that span from online gaming to hiking mountains. I've solo'd an airplane and I'm an Eagle scout. I'm very excited for this upcoming year of school and this is my blog to keep you informed on how it all goes.
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